Types of Ring Materials

Rings are one of the popular fashion items, especially for men. While rings are of emotional importance to some people, it is simply a fashion item for many. Regardless of the use or purpose for wearing rings, the quality and durability of the ring depend on the materials with which it is made.

Now, there are many materials used to make rings. Gold, silver, diamond are among some of the most popular materials used to make rings. These materials are popular due to their alluring features, aesthetic and financial value attached to these materials. As a result, rings made from these materials are usually very expensive.

However, other ring materials are not as expensive as these aforementioned materials, but provide similar features with regards to quality and durability. These ring materials include tungsten carbide, tantalum, and wood. In this article, we will discuss these ring materials and their durability when compared with the popular ring materials.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is also known as Wolfram and is a chemical element with impressive qualities and features. Of all metals, tungsten has the highest tensile strength and the highest melting point. The chemical element is rare and extremely durable.

All of these qualities combined make tungsten one of the best materials to make rings with. Tungsten is the most popular material used to make men’s rings. However, it is important to mention that tungsten is too powerful to work with, so to make rings with it, you need to combine it with carbide, hence the use of tungsten carbide for making rings.


Tantalum is a chemical element. It is very close to tungsten on the periodic table. Apart from tungsten, tantalum is another chemical element used to make rings. Its use for making rings is based on its numerous enticing features. For instance, tantalum is one of the metals that can be submerged in water without corroding. It also has high resistance to heat and wear. Finally, it is very durable, as it surpasses many metals in durability.

While tantalum is used in electronics and engineering, it is also fast becoming a popular option in ring making. This is because, apart from its aforementioned qualities, it is very easy to work with. Many wedding bands require durable and exquisite designs and tantalum is perfect for this requirement.


If you are in the market for unique rings, then wooden rings will catch your attention. Wood is another material that is fast becoming a popular option in ring making. Wooden rings are either made entirely from wood or with other metals using a wooden inlay. Wood allows for exquisite designs and symbolism.

With regards to quality and durability, wooden rings offer almost the same durability as rings made from metals. The only requirement is that the wood is covered with protective coatings and varnish. The durability is increased when the wood is combined with metals such as tungsten and tantalum.


Tungsten, tantalum, and wood are impressive materials to make rings with. You can check the Ayuk McCarthy catalog to check out rings made with these materials,